If you are always need to facing and calculating, measuring, generating reports etc, here I introduce a mobile statistical tools for you.

Data Scientist and RStudio Shiny
Data Scientist and RStudio Shiny

I start using RStudio Desktop version since few years ago. While start using RStudioAMI (Server) last month when I occasionally found. However they charged me around USD3000 within 30 days. Its terrible and now I am using DigitalOcean which introduce by Xie Yihui and refer the website How to get your very own RStudio Server and Shiny Server with DigitalOcean. Below are few articles for your reference.

How to create an own RStudio and Shiny Server

If you’ve always wanted to have an RStudio Server of your own so that you can access R from anywhere, or your own Shiny Server to host your awesome shiny apps or Rmarkdown documents, DigitalOcean (DO) can help you get there easily.

DigitalOcean provides virtual private servers (they call each server a droplet), which means that you can pay $5/month to have your own server “in the cloud” that you can access from anywhere and host anything on. You are welcome to get welcome bonus credit $10 via my referral link.

Below is example of Shiny Server front-end and also back-end console. By the way, you can read analogsea – an R client for the Digital Ocean API and install the r package if any. After you setup your own server, you can refer to RStudio Server: Managing the Server. With regards reporting presentation, Shiny, Slidify, RMarkdown and knitr will be suite for you, feel free to watch the presentation here which presented by Xie Yihui. Here are few templates with regard professional statistical research journals via rticles package. You can also create a fancy art words to decorate your own website via FlamingText.com and CSS stylesheets / themes for Markdown.

Below are the introduction of RStudio Shiny Server Professional Architecture

After watching the ease of setup a mobile RStudio Shiny, now you are welcome to using mobile statistical and also reporting tools and get welcome bonus credit $10 via my referral link. The Rmarkdown and knitr will introduce in other section.