Video and Some Description on my Own Research

Due to there were a lot of coding errors recently, today I tried to record an video on my All-In-One Pavilion 23 to share some experience on sportsbook and statistics research.

The audio system has some technical issue. Tried to add caption and shorten x6  just now but cannot preview. Here I roughly elaborate some research on sportsbook. (Used to work in TM Happ TV as video editor, there has an words/caption editor team which need to handle caption, hehehe)

There are thousands of thesis I google’ing and collecting since I join Scicom-Intl as customer service year 2008. I use 16 hours to browse over the website to collect and compare the best or we so call profitable statistical modelling. (There has no best but only profitable models, some researchers apply Poison, Logistics, Copula, ELO, Negative-Binomial to build an accurate predictable result on sports).

I used to learn the Poison model from Stuart Doyle during year 2005 in Telebiz. After that I start self-studying on odds price modelling. There has two Spreadsheets which apply Dixon&Coles1996 model on AH and OU, I used around one year time to learn about the staistical modelling and around half-year to manually collect the soccer match odds-price data from 500Wan and Bet007 one-by-one and match-by-match. That was around year 2010 that I successfully completed the first research.

There is no easy for a dummy which is totally don’t know what tools, skill and knowledge required to be a professional punter. Here is some useful websites for those who keen on sportsbook industry.

I am currently doing research on the staking model of a famous Sportsbook-Consultancy-Firm. Hope that unpredictable coding errors will not be my friends and always be my night-mare. I’ve tried to login my bank account to show that I have only few hundreds.

There has no black-magic to be a professional sportsbook-consultancy-firm without statistical modelling unless you are doing insider-trading. Keep up learning ATASS, StarLizard, SmartOdds, MatchOdds to setup my one-band-man company Scibrokes® within next few years. You are feel free to browse over my Scibrokes® facebook page.

Errors and Frustrate… @@”

Lastly, you are welcome to growth (as affiliates) or customers with my (Scibrokes®) client companies if any:-

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