Due to my company website SciBrokes® not yet setup but hacked by hackers. You are welcome to my company’s facebook webpage SciBrokes® (FB). The GitHub.com stores some research projects which conducted by me at SciBrokes (GitHub).

The reason I use Scibrokes which means Scientific Brokers. I used to work in few operators and Asian operators always affairs and admired Caucasion punters are very expert and rules the Sportsbook market. Thats why I resigned from operational core business and join Scicom-Int and Ladbrokes-PLC as a customer executive to learning to be a professional punter and algorithmic trading. Now I am working in a small company and co-orperates with some companies as affiliate business, and also continue my research on Sportsbook.

Today, I write my blog with regards Sportsbook Trading. There was some useful website like:-

Academic Professional Research Websites.

  1. SportsTradingNetwork.com
  2. StatPlat.com
  3. RinkStats.com
  4. MatchOdds.org
  5. SuenSummit.github.io
  6. LastPlanetRanking.blogspot.com

Famous and Professional Sportsbook Consultancy Firms.

  1. Atass-Sports.co.uk
  2. SmartOdds.co.uk
  3. StarLizard.com

Professional Trading Tools/Software Companies or Agencies.

  1. SJBetBroker.net
  2. PreMatchTrading.com
  3. BetAngel.com
  4. SciBet.com
  5. SoccerMetrics.net
  6. SportsForecaster.co.uk
  7. 4lowin.com

MASS Media of Gaming Industry.

  1. CalvinAyre.com (Gambling industry news)
  2. GamingIntelligence.com (Gambling industry news)
  3. GamblingCompliance.com (Gambling industry news)
  4. EGRMagazine.com (Gambling industry news)
  5. BleacherReport.com (Sports news)

Sportsbook Analysis, Business Solutions, Business Development Firms.

  1. GamblingData.com (Provides financial, market and products etc statistical reports)
  2. OptaSports.com (Provides real-time data for core business operations)
  3. IncomeAccess.com (Provides marketing service to gambling companies)
  4. PlayTech.com (Provides online betting products and platform)
  5. Opus-Gaming.com (Provides online betting products and platform)
  6. RBall.com (Provides scout live matches reporting service)

Here are some sportsbook related analysis articles. You are feel free to my rPubs.com/EngLianHuLinkedIn.com/In/EngLianHu and GitHub.com/EngLianHu.